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New Mexico
12" Sour Water Line Leak Repair with FormaShield® HT System

The Milliken Pipe Wrap team traveled to New Mexico to complete a leak repair on a 12" sour water line. Read on to see how.

Project Overview:

Our client required a temporary repair of a leaking 12" sour water line that had to remain in operation during the repair. The line operates at 190°F, meaning that the Milliken Pipe Wrap team had to utilize our FormaShield High Temperature (HT) system. Additionally, several clamps on the pipeline would require overwrapping. 

Repair Solution:

FormaShield HT uses a high-temperature resin, which was why it was chosen for this project. It's able to be applied at the elevated operating temperature and conform to irregular shapes.


The first step in the repair was to cut off the clamp bolts flush with fastening nuts. A mold was then fabricated over the holding bolts on two of the clamps in order to encapsulate them with epoxy. The third clamp had epoxy putty molded around bolts before overwrapping. FormaShield HT resin was then mixed and fabric was wetted out and applied until the specified number of layers was reached. Constrictor wrap was applied until the cure was completed, then it was removed. The job was completed with no interrupted production.

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