Offshore 10" Riser Repair

The Milliken Pipe Wrap team traveled to Malaysia to complete a riser repair on three 10" crude oil risers. Read on to see how.

Project Overview:

Three 10” crude oil risers located in offshore Southeast Asia were repairs. The pipes OD 10.75” with a wall thickness of .365 inches and a pipe grade of X42. After removing the damaged neoprene coating from two of the risers, extreme corrosion was found. The last riser had two pin hole leaks that required immediate repair.

Repair Solution:

Based on the extent of the defect, a design calculation package was created by the team in accordance to ASME PCC-2 standards, which determined a 9-foot linear repair with 20 layers of Splashgard II was required. The pipe was media-blast cleaned to near white metal (NACE 3) then wiped down with acetone to remove any oil residue. Milliken Infrastructure Solutions' Emergency Pipe Repair Kits (EPRK) were used on third riser to stop the two active leaks.

The line was pressurized, and after 30 minutes of drip-free operation, EP400 putty was applied to the repair zone to create a smooth transition then structurally reinforced using SplashGard II Wrap to encapsulate the stop gap. Splashbond was used as a load transfer filler for all three risers. Two layers of Splashgard II were used as a starting point, then the A+ Wrap system was applied using the spiral wrap method with 50% overlap until the design requirement of 20 layers was achieved. The completed repair thickness was 0.440 inches. Once all 20 layers were completed, four layers of constrictor were applied and perforated. The repair was left to cure for two hours, then the constrictor wrap was removed. A final coating using Splashbond was applied on all three risers over the entire repair to provide corrosion and UV protection.


A hardness test was conducted and the A+ Wrap system achieved a hardness of 85 on the Shore D scale. The three lines were returned to regular operations. All three repairs were achieved within four hours, including the two hours of set time.

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