Carteret, New Jersey
Emergency Pipe Repair Kit (EPRK™) and FormaShield®: Leak Repair


The customer was faced with a leak in a crucial fire water system, consisting of a 10' carbon steel fire water line with a 1/4" hole. The pipe could not be cut out and replaced, and a repair option was desired that would last until spring. When the company discovered this anomaly, a Pipe Wrap® repair team was called with an initial inquiry at 11 am on one day, with design and quote completed and the order packed and shipped that same day. The following day, the team traveled to the site and completed the repair by noon the next day, finishing the repair in 25 hours. 


Based on the leaking defect, the Pipe Wrap team recommended a hybrid repair using EPRK and FormaShield. EPRK was used to stop the leak, while FormaShield was used to encapsulate and reinforce the pipe. After the contractor prepped the pipe, the EPRK items were applied as a "stop-gap." A Butyl strip was clamped over the leak and clamp, then tented with filler putty. The team then waited 30 minutes to confirm a "drip-free" repair zone. A fast-curing, water activated wrap was applied over the clamp as an initial encapsulation, then 10 layers of FormaShield were applied to fully encapsulate and reinforce the defected area. The repair was successfully completed within two and a half hours. 

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