Concrete Cloth™ for Ditch Lining

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Ditch and Channel Lining

Concrete Cloth™ GCCM can be rapidly unrolled to form a ditch or channel lining. When comparing erosion control methods, it is a cost-effective alternative to riprap, cement stabilized soil, plastic inserts, and shotcrete.



• Minimizes installation time

• Conforms to ditch geometry

• Lowers total project cost

• Requires no specialized equipment

• Installs at a rate of 20,000 sf per day

• Acts as an effective weed suppressant


Why Choose Concrete Cloth GCCM?

If you location is:

  • Remote
  • Difficult to access with standard concrete equipment

If you have limited time:

  • Simple, installs quickly
  • You don't have to go back to the site to remove forms

If you have limited labor or equipment:

  • A small crew can do the job
  • You don't need specialized equipment

If you cannot stop the water flow:

  • It even cures under water




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