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PipeSock™: Crevice Corrosion Repair

Project Overview

A common problem that occurs with supported piping sections is the development of crevice corrosion at the interface of the pipe and the support. This problem manifests itself from the relative movement of the pipe in relation to the support thus abrading the existing coating. This action may be caused by the physical movement of the pipe due to "fluid hammering" or the expansion/contraction from temperature variations.

In this repair, the movement was caused by "fluid hammer," which breached the coating under the support and created a pocket that collected moisture that helped cause the corrosion cell. For this application, the patented Pipe SockTM was selected to address the problem.


The installation of the patented Pipe Sock system will help eliminate the moisture capture zone by bonding to the pipe and creating a "watershed" along with a wear surface that is not the pipe. Designed service life is 10 years.

The first step in the repair was to prep the pipe by hand tools to remove all rust, scale and etch the surface with 24 grit sanding pads. Then, the Pipe SockTM system was applied to the pipe with Black Magic polymer.


The end user was able to successfully repair the corroded pipeline prior to major damage. Furthermore, the Pipe Sock system will help extend the life of the pipeline. 

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