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Pipe Wrap® RidgeBack: Fresh Water Line

Case Study Description

A 26" O.D. fresh water feed line for a Fish Hatchery managed by the US Department of Fish & Game developed multiple leaks within a section of line running through a river. The line at the river crossing was ductile iron and operating at 50 psi.

The operation of the line could not be interrupted due to the impact on the hatchery. The initial challenge was to divert the river to allow access to the pipe for remediation. Once the river was diverted, there were five (5) noticeable leaks from holes that ranged in size from 1" to 3" in width.

The existing coating on the pipe was a mastic rubber tape which easily flaked off. An additional problem incurred was the very limited ability to conduct surface preparation.


The product of choice for this type of active leak defect is the RidgeBackTM system, because a compression type seal is required that uniformly distributes the compressive forces thus minimizing the possibility of collapsing the pipe.

Metal clamps had been tried by the contractor, but did not succeed because the tightening process of the clamps did collapse the pipe sections.

As an additional prevention method for future leaks the Pipe Wrap® system was incorporated in the regions between the active leaks. This consisted of a primer and 24 layers of material (0.528" material thickness) utilized.


The end user was able to successfully repair their pipeline with the compressive forces of the RidgeBackTM system without collapsing the pipe. Additionally, the Pipe Wrap® system helped extend the life of the asset. 

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