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RenewWrap® ESR Saturant

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RenewWrap™ ESR Saturant is an epoxy impregnation resin for use with RenewWrap™ ESR FRP systems.  A two‐component, 100% solids high-strength, high-modulus, moisture-insensitive epoxy resin, RenewWrap™ Saturant is engineered for impregnating RenewWrap™ reinforcing fabrics as part of a system for strengthening ceilings, columns, walls, and most other structural members of commercial buildings and facilities. RenewWrap™ reinforcing fabric may be placed into the uncured saturant or the saturant may be applied directly to the dry reinforcing fabric sheets prior to applying to the substrate.

RenewWrap™ ESR Saturant is a two‐component, moisture-insensitive epoxy resin for impregnating RenewWrap™ ESR reinforcing fabrics. It may be used on site to impregnate any RenewWrap™ ESR FRP reinforcing fabric using wet layup techniques, including CF335 and CF600. It is not intended for use with saturation machines requiring extended working times.

Benefits and Characteristics:

  • 100% solids high-strength, high-modulus, moisture-insensitive epoxy resin
  • Medium viscosity, enabling vertical and overhead applications and facilitating complete impregnation of the FRP reinforcing fabrics
  • Low VOC, low odor
  • Compatible with most substrates and with other constituent materials of the RenewWrap strengthening system
  • Simple 2:1 mix ratio
  • F‐style jugs simplify metering and facilitate cleaner storage

At Milliken Infrastructure Solutions, we back our product claims with science and testing data, which support their high performance and proven results. Additional safety and technical data is available by selecting the PDF below.

RenewWrap™ ESR Saturant Data Sheet

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