Strengthening Systems

Strengthening existing concrete and masonry structures is a cost-efficient means of increasing load capacity, correcting design errors, rehabilitating material failures, meeting more stringent building codes or adapting for seismic upgrades. Whether as a result of design inadequacy, lack of maintenance, weather stresses or natural disasters – restoring, rehabilitating and strengthening concrete and masonry structures can provide considerable cost savings over replacing damaged or deteriorated materials. At Milliken Infrastructure Solutions, LLC, we solve infrastructure challenges differently. While we focus on developing solutions to address the challenges of strengthening and stabilizing aging infrastructure, we design our solutions to be simpler and less demanding during installation, resulting in more contractor productivity and overall speed.

Real World Application:

Early in the month of June, a crack appeared in the support column of the 385 exit ramp in Greenville SC. The SCDOT said that the crack could be dangerous for drivers exiting the interstate, and that a quick, reliable solution would be needed. Ultimately, the Carbon Fiber material produced by Milliken was selected by the SCDOT not only because of the quick repair it offered, but also because it was more cost effective and strong.

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