Vis Is The Future

Vis Divide and Vis Tape aren't just another line of products - they're game changing innovations that are raising productivity and improving the bottom line.  Big time.

Vis Divide is THE new solution in cable deployment that allows for the placement of multiple cables in a single conduit – offering a distinct competitive advantage over other HDPE conduits. This innovative new product provides improved efficiency and ease of deployment, which lowers operational costs and improves your bottom line.  Check out this short video to how Vis Divide can improve your bottom line.


To view a Vis Divide case study click here.

Vis Tape is a powerful new pull tape that offers unmatched levels of accuracy, legibility, softness and durability.


Vis Divide was honored to receive the 2017 Cabling Installation & Maintenance Innovators Award at a recent trade show.  Read more here.

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