About Us

Milliken Infrastructure Solutions, LLC helps extend the life of the world’s infrastructure. We utilize our superior engineering support by assessing challenges and recommending customized solutions while providing in-depth documentation and third-party validation. We also deliver technical support through in-field training and provide responsive and on-demand service. Our project optimization skills facilitate lower total project costs, improve contractor productivity, reduce civil impact and extend life cycles of infrastructure members.

Essentially, our innovative materials repair, strengthen, protect and rehabilitate infrastructure.

A+_Transmission_Wrapping PipeREPAIR

Our Pipe Wrap® products work to repair leaks in process piping, fix leaks in offshore assets and renovate storage tanks and other vessels.


RenewWrap_Column Repair_Greenville_WrappingSTRENGTHEN

Our RenewWrap® products strengthen or retrofit existing concrete masonry and steel structures. These products increase load capacity, restore deteriorated or damaged structures, correct design/construction errors, upgrade to more stringent building codes and retrofit structures for extreme events like seismic or blast occurrences.

Our Pipe Wrap® composite systems enhance the structural integrity of pipes. They repair dents, gouges, wrinkle bends and corrosion with up to 80% wall loss and strengthen deficient welded connections.

Concrete Cloth_Ditch Relining_Caltrans_AfterPROTECT

Our Pipe Wrap® composite systems protect vessels, structures, piping and other assets from corrosion. They reinforce risers and address challenges in submerged conditions. Concrete Cloth™ GCCM provides advanced erosion control and can also protect banks or slopes and line secondary containment areas. This material can also shield berms and improve water conveyance and drainage.


GeoSpray_Culvert Lining_Cary_AfterREHABILITATE

Our GeoSpray® geopolymer mortar system can create a new structural pipe within an existing pipe as well as improve the strength and performance of severely damaged culverts. This product increases the chemical resistance in sewers, manholes and structures.

Headquartered in Spartanburg, South Carolina, Milliken Infrastructure Solutions is a subsidiary of Milliken & Company, a global innovation leader. Milliken was founded in 1865 and remains a privately held company with more than 30,000 products and around 7,000 associates. There are manufacturing facilities in six countries with operations throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. Milliken & Company has also been on the World’s Most Ethical Companies list for 13 consecutive years.