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Engineering Spotlight: Meet Myles Johnson

Provided by
Natalie Swift
October 17, 2018

Myles Johnson was drawn to Milliken Infrastructure Solutions’ (MIS) Pipe Wrap® composite system business just over two years ago because he saw its potential.

“This business isn’t brand new, but there is still so much potential for us to grow,” said Myles. “I was attracted to the idea of setting the groundwork for parts of this business that we haven’t fully tapped into yet.”

While at Texas A&M University, Myles worked to finish his mechanical engineering degree by completing a co-op as a project engineer at a refinery, so he had prior knowledge of piping systems before joining our team. He sees the entire oil and gas industry as full of possibilities, however, with many obstacles to tackle in a fairly unrestricted market.

“One of my strengths is ideation, so I like thinking about and tying new ideas or concepts together. For example, with technology and sales I like finding commonalities that many not seem similar at first—that’s fun,” said Myles.

Myles’ strength also ties into why he likes working with our products: “I have to know a lot of technological information to connect the dots of certain projects and assimilate that information to how we conduct business with customers.”

Myles also enjoys connecting the dots in his daily work schedule or getting into the “technical nitty gritty” of testing or equations involved with projects. He likes to train personnel on applying materials and then shifting focus to work on research and development projects, especially if a customer has a need associated with the project.

“We’re a customer-driven company, so if the customer needs something from us, then our priorities change,” Myles explained. “A worthwhile challenge in this industry is to come up with scientifically-backed, relatively conservative equations that haven’t existed before to solve a relevant problem.”

Sometimes with more complicated questions, however, an answer—or even a physical result—won’t be seen in the near future, so Myles also enjoys switching gears to oversee work in the field, where a job can sometimes be completed in a matter of hours.

Myles is constantly learning about the industry, which inspires him to continue facing new industry-wide problems with our products that out-perform alternative methods. Our products, and his drive, can constantly drive innovative growth for the future.

“I want MIS to stand out in the market,” said Myles. “It’s up to [MIS leadership] to figure out how to adequately employ technical information properly to solidify our position in the industry and beyond.”