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Sales Spotlight: Aleese Post

Provided by
Natalie Swift
September 19, 2018

From doing fieldwork to working an office job and now experiencing a bit of both, one of our more recent hires, Aleese Post, is enjoying learning about the capabilities and potential of Milliken Infrastructure Solutions’ products. At six months in to her job, Aleese enjoys her ability to interact with and meet new customers by using our products.

With a degree in chemical engineering, Aleese appreciates the engineering behind Pipe Wrap® products and likes to see the capabilities of the composite wrap systems in real-life applications.

“These products offer a change from the normal pipe repair solutions,” said Aleese. “My background helps me to better understand the engineering behind these unique repairs and realize their potential.”

Aleese likes that she can be involved with products that are different from the industrial norm and provide more solutions that tackle odd jobs – wrinkles, odd geometries and the like. She also enjoys the versatility of this job, where she could be in the office, out in the field or at a training session all within one week.

“When I started working at Milliken Infrastructure Solutions, I was quickly assigned an account that had been developing for a while,” said Aleese. “With my background as a college athlete, I am used to managing a large workload, so I welcomed the experience.”

Though Aleese is learning quickly, she is new to the composite side of the industry, so is grateful for the open environment of the Houston office where she can ask questions about and discuss the products she works with, while assisting with project designs as well.

“I like that I can apply my engineering degree to some of the design work, which helps me gain a deeper understanding for product sale discussions,” said Aleese. “The ability of these products to repair a pipeline and make it even stronger than before, to where in a burst test, the steel fails and the composite holds strong, is remarkable.”

As a female engineer in this industry, Aleese finds satisfaction in showing her customers and contractors her knowledge and capabilities on and off the field. She enjoys working for an innovative, forward-thinking company.

“Though there have been barriers for me at past jobs, I don’t see those barriers here,” said Aleese. “It’s great to work with innovative products that have so much potential for growth within the pipeline industry and beyond.”