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Sales Spotlight: Jeremy Spencer

Provided by
Natalie Swift
September 05, 2018

Jeremy has worked in the oil and gas industry for more than seven years, starting out off-shore doing inspection work on platforms. His tenure with Milliken Infrastructure Solutions (MIS), however, just started. After four months in his new role with MIS, Jeremy likes the versatility of his new job.

“I like that I can still be involved with work on the field as well as on the sales side,” said Jeremy. “The oil and gas industry focus as well as the opportunity to spend more time closer to home are both appealing to me about this job.”

Jeremy was drawn to our products while he was doing on-shore pipeline inspections and found that our product was easier to install and provided the operators more freedom with installations.

“These products could repair or rehabilitate more common pipe shapes as well as bends and wrinkles, and alternative methods weren’t showing the same capabilities,” said Jeremy.

In his current position, Jeremy enjoys the variety of people he works with and the sales relationships that are already developing in his new role. With a background in international sales, he welcomed the opportunity to sell products again because he found it rewarding, but he is glad he can spend time on the field for projects as well. So far, Jeremy has been able to spend time on a project in Tennessee and see some product tests. He’s even been out to some platforms in in-shore waters.

Though he still has a lot of experiences ahead of him, Jeremy is already impressed with the wide range of documentation that MIS provides with each repair as well as the degree of customization for each defect that the team encounters.

“The customers appreciate the engineering involved with each repair and can use the extensive documentation as a reference point during the project and beyond,” said Jeremy.

He has already seen the systems’ growth in popularity as these composite materials become a familiar alternative repair method. Based on his background in off-shore inspection, Jeremy sees the potential of Pipe Wrap® systems making waves in that part of the industry.