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A+ Wrap™ System: External Corrosion at a Tee and Bend

Baton Rouge, LA
January 14, 2018

Project Overview
An above-ground 4” liquid ethylene line at a plant required reinforcement from external corrosion at a 4” x 2” tee and a bend. The corrosion dimensions were 9.5” long x 6” wide x 0.06” deep at the two o’clock and six o’clock positions. The nominal wall thickness was 0.237 inches, with an ambient and pipe temperature of 55° F.

Repair Solution
A 20-year repair was designed using the A+ Wrap system with six layers for 30 linear inches total to restore the structural integrity of the pipeline back to pristine condition. 

The repair was completed in two hours by a Milliken Infrastructure Solutions supervisor and contractor personnel. The repair area was gritblasted and wiped clean with acetone. EP420 filler was applied to girth welds and transition areas, and a PPR epoxy coating was applied to the entire repair zone. The two-inch wide A+ Wrap system was applied using the “spiral” method for six layers across 30 linear inches. Constrictor wrap was applied, perforated and allowed to cure. Later, the wrap was removed and a topcoat was applied.  

A+ Wrap_External Corrosion_Baton Rouge_Grit BlastedA+ Wrap_External Corrosion_Baton Rouge_EP420A+ Wrap_External Corrosion_Baton Rouge_After