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Atlas™ CFE System: Dent with a Gouge

Union City, TN
March 15, 2017

Project Overview
A dent with a gouge on a 30” OD horizontal natural gas pipeline that was installed in 1959 needed a repair in Union City, TN. The dent dimensions, including the gouge, were 6” long x 7” wide x 0.177” deep at the 12:00 position. This repair was at a Class 1 location with a nominal wall thickness of 0.344” and Grade X-60 (60,000 SMYS). The ambient temperature at the site was 75° F and the pipe temperature was 64° F. 

Repair Solution
The team designed the 20-year design life repair, using the ASME PCC-2 standard as a guideline, that utilized the Atlas CFE wrap system with 18 layers for two linear feet to restore the structural integrity of the pipeline back to pristine conditions. This wrap system was used to minimize the strain in the dent and overall pipe fatigue. 

The repair was completed in two hours by two Milliken Infrastructure Solutions wrap installers and contractor personnel. The repair area was grit-blasted and wiped clean with acetone, and EP420 filler material was applied for load transfer at the dent with a gouge and the long seam. A PPR epoxy coating was used on the entire repair zone, and ILI smart pig markers were installed at both ends of the repair. The 12” wide Atlas CFE system was applied using the “layer over layer with offset” method for two linear feet using 18 layers of the system. Constrictor wrap was applied to compress the repair until the resin cured. The constrictor wrap was removed after curing was complete and the contractor applied a topcoat with a customer coating. 

Atlas CFE_Dent with Gouge_Union City_AfterAtlas CFE_Dent with Gouge_Union City_DentAtlas CFE_Dent with Gouge_Union City_Filler AppliedAtlas CFE_Dent with Gouge_Union City_Epoxy Atlas CFE_Dent with Gouge_Union City_ILI InstallAtlas CFE_Dent with Gouge_Union City_Fiberglass Wrap