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Atlas™ CFE System: Emergency Reinforcement Repair

Bayou Vista, LA
December 15, 2018

Project Overview
A customer called for an emergency reinforcement repair because of a concern about vibrations occurring due to a pile being driven within inches of the pipeline. The 26” diameter carbon steel natural gas pipeline also had a dent with a gouge; the dimensions of the repair area were 1.25” long x 0.25” wide x 0.011” deep next to a long seam weld with a nominal wall thickness of 0.375 inches. Additionally, the customer wanted an emergency reinforcement repair on two girth welds on the west and east ends of the pipeline.

Repair Solution
A 20-year repair was designed in accordance to ASME PCC-2 standards using the Atlas CFE wrap system, which was the recommended product for this repair because the customer was concerned about vibrations causing induced fatigue at the girth welds. The Atlas CFE wrap system is ideal for these repairs because of its high strength and high stiffness properties from the carbon fiber reinforcement.

Repair Method
The three repair zones were completed in under five hours by a Milliken Infrastructure Solutions supervisor and contractor personnel. The gouge with a dent was repaired using 12 layers of Atlas CFE wrap for 12 linear inches using the layer over layer method. The two girth weld repairs used 12 layers of the Atlas CFE wrap system for 18 linear inches using the spiral method.

The repair areas were media-blasted and wiped clean with acetone. EP420 was used as the load transfer filler material and a PPR-2 primer was applied to the entire repair zone. Each repair was completed utilizing the products and installation steps provided in the design package. The contractor personnel applied a top coat the morning after the installation was completed.

Pipe Wrap_Emergency Reinforcement Repair_Bayou Vista_Filler AppliedPipe Wrap_Emergency Reinforcement Repair_Bayou Vista_Primer AppliedPipe Wrap_Emergency Reinforcement Repair_Bayou Vista_Completed