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Pipe Sock™ System: On-Site Field Fabrication & Installation for Unique/Odd Geometric Shaped Surfaces

West Texas
August 18, 2014

Project Overview
A pipeline terminal in West Texas was experiencing a lot of vibration, so the pipeline operator wanted to protect a select area sitting on a cement plate from further abrasive wear on the pipe's T-section. The area had limited clearance and a significant amount of ovality, so the pipeline operator reached out to many fiberglass pipe treatment manufacturers to try and find a solution for a preventative application. Due to the pipe's ovality, a pre-cured solution would not work.

Through brainstorming with the Milliken Infrastructure Solutions team, the operator found a way to complete the application through an on-site field fabrication of the Pipe Sock system.

The Solution
The surface was prepared using a wire wheel to remove any existing epoxy from the pipe. Then constrictor wrap was applied to the pipe support location, which would allow the mold to be easily removed after curing. The fabric was wetted and cut in order to stack the Pipe Sock system pieces to reach the thickness necessary for the area needing protection. The wet fabric was applied to the pipe support location, covered with peel-ply and left to cure overnight. 

When it was finished curing, the molded Pipe Sock system was removed from underneath the pipe and the surface was abraded from excess resin into a square shape. The system was pre-fit and marked, and then Black Magic™, a patented, modified seal polymer with great bonding properties and high elasticity, was applied to the surface of the pipe. The custom-formed Pipe Sock composite was then placed on top of the sealant and allowed to set. The edges were also sealed with Black Magic and allowed to cure. 

Repair Method
The customer was pleased with the outcome of the installation and has continued to utilize the Pipe Sock system due to the ease of application. 

Pipe Sock_Odd Geometry_West Texas_BeforePipe Sock_Odd Geometry_West Texas_Straight Edge MeasurementPipe Sock_Odd Geometry_West Texas_Mark for SecuringPipe Sock_Odd Geometry_West Texas_Black Magic AppliedPipe Sock_Odd Geometry_West Texas_After